plugs documentary

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plugs documentary

“plugs” documentary explores the origin of creativity among a variety of independent artists through more than twenty interviews and many live performances set in the city of Athens. Creators feelings and hidden aspects of music engineering are equally exposed by bedroom and professionals musicians. “plugs” documents a slice-of-music-life in a world full of cables, knobs, synths and pure creativity.

participating artists: Mobthrow, poordream,Subheim, Asty Tekk, Memphidos, Conjecture (ex-gas masked lestat), dj anarxx, Xsoz, No God Ritual, Barbara’s Straight Son, Quazatron, elDot, Giganta, Infekkted, Rsn, [distopia], Melorman etc)

we had the pleasure to work the sound engineering & design section for the first ever made documentary about electronic music on Athens -Greece, plugs.
also we took apart -interviewed among other artists and expressed our opinion about contemporary electronic music and design in the industry. for more details, full cast and of course watch the documentary on line, visit the official plugs page.

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