Талос – Многомировая интерпретация

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Талос – Многомировая интерпретация

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graphic design, book binding with studs and audio mastering for cassette release. 
-This time the Талос returned for good with a superb analog ambient release, and so they ask us once again to design an 80’s based dark synth utopia for their sound needs.
So what we did:

designed a black and white A5 sized book and binded with studs.
We chose and printed it in laser printer so that we keep the science and mysticism feeling of the 80’s era -synth aesthetic that this release has.

 more details of what we did:

– designed a book case (350g Velvet with lamination) to protect the book.
– design 24 pages A5 size, laser printed design book and binded with
studs (100g DCP).
– analog mastering for audio tape with six tracks inside.
– design for A3 poster (digital print -Sappi Velvet120g).
– digital audio mastering for the digital version of the tracks (for download of the album that comes with book.)

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