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Proudly present theVoyage, a unique release that we had the pleasure to work on it and make it possible after two years!
theVoyage is an audio / visual exploration from the birth until the death of a person.
We had the pleasure to create an audio / visual experience that we bet you never seen it before to a music release!

Here is what we did this time:
—Created five (5) different design double canvas 20*20cm and we adjust a spine to join them, so that they will open and close smooth like a book.
—Inside you will find an audio CD with the five (5) original theVoyage tracks by dama, plus two (2) extra remixes by naono & Memphidos.
—Also we did create five (5) motion graphics based on the original theVoyage tracks and place them in a DVD video disc in the near side of the canvas.

 —concept, design, packaging, motion graphics, audio mastering and DVD authoring by:
—music by: dama
—remixes by: naono & Memphidos


close up canvas detail



close up canvas detail

layer based human activities

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